Albrecht Weber etc. offprints : clarification

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Fri Dec 19 15:30:15 UTC 1997

Someone thought my message offering offprints of Weber's papers did not
make it clear what was offered was duplicate copies of offprints of
published papers.  We are retaining first copies, usually in the form of the
bound vols. of the serial or Weber's own bound collections of offprints and
other pamphlets.  We are retaining any copies of offprints that have
significant annotations by Weber.  We are even retaining his galley proofs.
All of these will get some form of cataloging.

We have treated the whole collection with extreme respect and don't want
to sound like we were giving away _manuscripts_ of his papers or anything
else unique.

Susan McMahon of Berkeley and Harry Falk of Berlin have put in first and
second dibs on the duplicate offprints.

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