Albrecht Weber etc. offprints

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Thu Dec 18 15:57:10 UTC 1997

I have been sorting out the papers of Albrecht Weber, whose library the
Library of Congress bought from his widow early in the century.  I am
discarding duplicate offprints of his articles and some of other indologists
of his time.  If any library with an exchange relationship with LC wants the
whole shebang I would be glad to send them, unsorted.  None of them are
in really good shape but they range from usable and maybe even bindable
to extremely fragile.

The more interesting part of his papers are the mss of his books and the
Indian mss from which he worked, and a correspondence file on the World
Conference of Orientalists.   He had correspondence about particular
works bound into the works, or laid them in, but he did not habitually keep
all his correspondence, or if he did his heirs and executors discarded it.
The Library is gradually finishing giving rare book cataloging to all of the
books in his library in which we have found significant annotations or
bound in material.

Allen Thrasher

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