R.K. Harding rkh22 at HERMES.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Dec 17 19:30:59 UTC 1997

I am working at the moment on topographical names in and around Rajgir
(ancient Rajagrha/Girivraja).  In B.C.Law's Rajagriha in Ancient
Literature there are two lists of names for the five mountains which
surround Girivraja.  Both are supposed to be in the Sabhaparvan, the first
in 21.2 (Bombay ed), the second 21.11.  However, the second list isn't
there; and according to Sorenson is not in the Mbh at all.  Could anyone
help me with information as to indices I might look in which are
similar to Sorenson and cover other texts (e.g. Jain sutras)

In case you come across the list in your reading somewhere it is:
Pandara:Vipula: Varahaka: Chaityaka: Matango


Robert Harding

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