Apple Indian language kit

JR Gardner jgardner at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Tue Dec 16 04:31:48 UTC 1997

I was using it during ht etext phase.  In that time the "B" in WordPerfect
would not render a devanagari b-- or anything else.  the absense of
accents were also a problem (someday when I finish my dissertation Apple's
okay'd me to make the full set . . . ).  I imported ILK text into a
Three-dimensional modelling prgram by Strata and they looked great.  I
would imagine a sophisticated publishing package like Adobe would have no
problem with it. HOWEVER-- in the texts with which I did use ILK, it
greatly shifted the verticle spacingo f the lines in which it was typed.
In other words, it really threw off the look of normal single or
double-spacing.  That was the test/developer releases, however-- and I'm
sure this is now worked out.  Make sure whomever you buy it from lets you
try it out.  Academic price is about $200 or less, and a dealer should
have it installed onsite for a try-out.  the typing interface is a joy,
and the output is great quality .  Just make sure the spacing from
line-to-line is okay.

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On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Royce Wiles wrote:

> The Apple Indian language kit supporting Devanagari (plus Gujarati and
> Punjabi scripts) was released earlier in 1997. Has anyone on this list used
> it to prepare camera-ready copy? Maybe they could share some comments on
> what it's like and whether the investment has been worth it.
> I'm particularly keen to know if it works well with PageMaker 6.5.
> Royce Wiles
> Australian National University

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