Kumbha mela 1998

Marianna Kropf marianne.kropf at THEOL.UNIBE.CH
Mon Dec 15 16:18:08 UTC 1997

Dear members of Indology list

Could anybody kindly give me detailed informations on the Kumbha mela as
it will take place in Haridwar in spring of 1998?
It seems to be a 'big' one, as it takes place every 12 years. As a
research group of our institute we plan to go to Cidambaram in February,
during Sivaratri - if things turn out fine, we are thinking to connect
this stay with a visit at Haridwar in March; only we are not sure
whether it will be a proper time to go.
Does anybody knows about special tithis/ ritual events connected with
kumbha mela in March?
Any kind of further informations on this subject is most welcome.

Marianna Kropf

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