Kumbha mela 1998

Noel Evans noel at FREENET.CARLETON.CA
Mon Dec 15 17:21:47 UTC 1997

> Could anybody kindly give me detailed informations on
> the Kumbha mela as it will take place in Haridwar in
> spring of 1998?

I have the following information from one of the editors
of Hinduism Today:


Date: Wed Aug  6 23:14:49 1997
From: tyagi_kathirswami at hinduismtoday.kauai.hi.us ("Tyagi Kathirswami")
Subject: Mela
To: noel at freenet.carleton.ca ("Noel Noel")

Namaskar, Noel:

Kumbha mela, '98:

Feb 1st
Major events:
Sivaratri Feb 25st
Amavasya bath, march 28th (consider by some most important,
big crowd.)
Final Day April 24 ( also very important, Sun moves into
Aries, could have the largest crowd.)

om shanti,
Yours in peace,

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Hinduism Today International Magazine
Himalayan Academy Publications

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