tArakAmaya again

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Sat Dec 13 13:20:22 UTC 1997

Dear Indologists,
        In a private mail, sarma quote two mistakes I've made:

1) giving parAzara as the son of vyAsa.
        In fact, I was just searching to date the texts and I've found this
Louis RENOU, L'Inde classique, § 823 :
        "La tradition [...] attribue les purAna a ce meme vyAsa qu'elle
connait pour l'auteur du mahAbhArata (le viSNu se donne pour l'oeuvre de
parAzara, fils de vyAsa)".
        Not knowing myself the tradition about vyAsa, I was unable to
detect the Renou's lapsus ;-)

2) I've missed an other MBh ref to tArA's story:


        where, even if the variant is not attested, according with sarma,
taarakaamayoh seems to be a better construction.

        Apologizing for that, I can add an other remark:

        In the eleven attestations of taarakaamaya in the Poona's MBh
(found in Pr.Tokunaga files), ten of them (2 nom. & 8 loc.) show the word
at the end of a pada. Hence, the 'a' beeing a fifth syllab, this give a
strong support to the maintenance of an ancient short 'a'. The eleventh:


        beeing just a comparison, the fight can't be identified by me; but
the length of the second syllab is free. In an other ambiguous comparison,
the unique rAmAyana's attestation (again Pr.Tokunaga's files):


        the word is again ending a pada.

        A last word.
        After my parsing contribution to sarma's enquiry, I would be happy
to read the itihAsa. Don't having access to Indian books, if someone could
send me a photocopy of this tenth of pages:

Gita Press, Gorakhpur:
viSNu purAN 4.6, pages 310-311, 1976
matsya purAN chapter 23, pages 81-85, 1984
zrimadbhAgavatamahApurANam(mUlamAtram), 9.14,pages 457-458,1965

brahmANDpUraNam, II-65,pages 136-137,1st edition (Motilal Banarasidas) 1973

        I could send him anything (money or local South France product) he
would like in return.

        Best regards,

PS: from a time, there is no more criticism about the original form
tAra-kAmayoH (in tArA's context). Are Prs.Yaroslav Vassilkov and Georg von
Simson convinced ?

Dominique THILLAUD
25 rue Xavier de MAISTRE

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