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Date:          Thu, 4 Dec 1997 23:53:49 -0800
From:          jp-sas at tokyo.email.ne.jp (DR.FUKUNAGA Masaaki)
To:            Multiple recipients of list <risa-l at lists.acusd.edu>
Subject:       Japanese Network for South Asian Studies(JP-SAS)

Dear friends and colleagues;

It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Japanese Network for South
Asian Studies (JP-SAS) has started the web site of English edition.  The
page was created and maintained by myself.

Asking the favor of your kind co-optation and contribute to this new web
site of internet communication base for South Asian Research activities in

Kindly make LINK to your homage and to provide this information all of your
members and related  colleagues.

Thank you in advance.



 $B!!!!!! (B  http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~BS8M-FKNG/e-index.html

-The Japanese Network for South Asian Studies(JP-SAS)-
The Japanese Network for South Asian Studies(JP-SAS) is maintained by
Dr.FUKUNAGA Masaaki, and has been on line since December,1997.
This Network is established by personal efforts of FUKUNAGA and supported
by several South Asian scholars in Japan. Then, JP-SAS is the private site,
not connected to the any official Institutions , Association, and
Government Agencies.

The primary purpose of JP-SAS is to enable all of the South Asia Scholars
whose major language is  other than Japanese, to easily communicate the
South Asia Research activities in Japan.

JP-SAS  is the only one site which dispatch the South Asian Research
Information of Japan.

JP-SAS will be provide several aspects of the Japanese research information
and materials as following;
(1)Current research and teaching activities in Japan,
(2)Information  for the Conferences and Research Meetings which held in
Japan, Also, Calls for papers are available.
(2)The Japanese Directory of South Asia Research Institutes,
(3)New Publications such as articles, books, papers which written in other
than Japanese language by the scholars in Japan,
(4)Catalog and Contents of the Journals for South Asian Studies in Japan,
(5)Information of organizational activities of South Asian Research
Association in Japan,
(6)The other information which related to the South Asian Studies in Japan.

JP-SAS has two editions for Japanese and English, and is maintain the
Mailinglist group in Japanese. $B!! (B

The News from JP-SAS  will be post to individuals of  South Asia Scholar,
South Asia Research Institutes in the world, Internet Communication Group
as H-ASIA of Michigan State University and South Asia Studies List of
Australian National University.

If you have any information and news for South Asia Scholars and Institutes
in Japan, JP-SAS  will be deliver it to the members of Mailinglist of
Japanese Edition. $B!! (B

JP-SAS respects the copyrights of authors whose material is posted on its
e-mail address.  Authors who post items to JP-SAS convey to JP-SAS only the
right to reproduce electronically their work on JP-SAS and in JP-SAS.

If you know that your computer address is changing please inform me as soon
as possible.

Also, please let your colleagues know about the Japanese Network for South
Asian Studies and encourage them to netscape and submit their news on South
Asian Studies activities.

During the coming year, I will be seeking volunteers to assist in various
JP-SAS activities.  If you are interested in playing a role in JP-SAS,
please contact FUKUNAGA Masaaaki.

Thanks for your support of JP-SAS.

Japanese Network for South Asian Studies(JP-SAS)
Director  DR.FUKUNAGA Masaaki
e-mail   jp-sas at tokyo.email.ne.jp

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