Delocutives (Was: Grahas epithets)

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Thu Dec 11 18:36:51 UTC 1997

Incidentally an apparently common set of delocutive verbs
that wasn't mentioned is the series onomatop.+kR where onomat.
is used as gati: khaaT+karooti, puut+karooti,... (khaaT represents
the sound of spitting, I have not idea what puut is)

Incidentally (this is a question -- if you can't stand "inane"
questions don't read this) can the same construction apply to
address sounds ?bhooH-karooti, ?dhik-karooti or even vocatives
?amba-karooti and _if_ yes, will that be with a _transitive_ meaning
or only in an intransitive meaning? (the kR compounds with onomatop.
are intransitive of course). In other words can one say things like:
teena saa dhik-krtaa? for he told her shame or teena saa amba-krtaa?
for he called her mother? etc. Are such constructions possible?

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