Graha epithets (tArA,tArakA and tAraka)

jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Wed Dec 10 16:04:25 UTC 1997

I am entirely unable to contribute to this (interesting!) discussion of
tAra- etc. However, one small point made by our friend Dominique requires
correction.  He wrote, concerning delocution:

>        And the English and the American know verbs as 'to hail', 'to
>encore', 'to yes'.
As a native speaker (whether educated or not is another question) of
American English, I am entirely unaware of any verbs such as 'to encore',
or 'to yes'.  As to "to hail", of course it is a well-known verb, but
whether it comes from "hail!" I wonder about. One could answer the question
with a look at the OED, but my copy is at home.  Anyway, the concept is
interesting, even if the English examples are not entirely correct.

Cheers, jonathan

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