Emil HERŠAK emil.hersak at ZG.TEL.HR
Tue Dec 9 17:56:22 UTC 1997

I was wondering whether anyone on this list is using unicode TTF fonts for
Indian languages on Word97, on a Pan-European or otherwise Western
Win95 platform. All the Windows TTF fonts for Indian languages I have so far
managed to see are simply glyph changes on other (mostly "western")
code pages. Making such a font is not problematic, since I do have most
of the necessary information for coding the glyphs already - the problem,
however, is in generating the code pages and keyboard drivers. Actually the
keyboard driver itself should not be a problem, but the nls files and the
languages ID to be placed in the Windows registry.

Any information on this matter will be appreciated.

Emil Hersak
emil.hersak at

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