Graha Epithets (tArA and tArakA)

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EASTEUR-ORIENT.UIO.NO
Mon Dec 8 14:07:20 UTC 1997

tArakA as synonym for tArA would indeed be a little bit strange - one would
expect tArikA. I think we have to take tAraka as an adjective derivation
from tArA, like aumakA from umA or aurNaka from UrNA (cf.
Wackernagel/Debrunner, AIG II, p. 145). The meaning would then be
<belonging to or concerning tArA>. The second element of tArakAmaya can
then not be -maya. It is, I believe, Amaya; thus already Apte,
Sanskrit-English Dictionary I, p. 345, with reference to RAm. 6.4.54
devAnAm iva sainyAni saNgrAme tArakAmaye. But the meaning given by Apte
<damage, hurt, distruction> does not seem to fit, as tArA is not hurt at
all in the story. I would, therefore, take Amaya (from A-minAti, A-mayate)
as <exchange>, because this is what it is all about: tArA changes her
husband: first it is BRhaspati, then Soma, and in the end BRhaspati again.
So the term tArakAmaya might mean <(the fight) concerning tArA's (ex)change
of husband>. Wouldn't this make good sense? Or am I pushing the button too


        Georg v. Simson

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