Hanuman and Narada

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 8 00:17:03 UTC 1997

  I would like to know where more details can be found about the
following episode involving hanumAn and nArada:

  tumburu and nArada get into a big argument about who is the better
musician and go to vishNu for a judgement. vishNu summons hanumAn in
order to demonstrate what good music is. hanumAn then sings a few rAgas
in order to demonstrate how intense can be the effect generated by  a
certain rAga- he sings one rAga and the vINas of tumburu and nArada
freeze, he sings another rAga and the vINas unfreeze. "This" vishNu
tells nArada and tumburu, "is what music is all about".

 Can anybody give me the name of the purANa in which this incident is
refered to? I remember reading this nearly fifteen years ago in the
CandamAmA ( the children's magazine) but cannot hunt up a reference for
this now.
 Any pointers will be appreciated.


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