rescuing things

Anil Gupta sristi at AD1.VSNL.NET.IN
Sat Dec 6 18:29:31 UTC 1997

I am not an indologist nor am I a scholar in sanskrit. But I do have
interest in culture and its conections with systems of thought.

I do feel that stemming erosion of knowledge is un urgent task. Thsu not
just written material but also oral material. I also realise that soem of
teh inetrnational scholars are more serious and systematic in doing this
just as many Indian scholars do this very carefully.

The point Bijoy made was simple. Unless local community of scholars and
students can access  teh so conserevd knowledge, it will only increase the
assymetry in knowledge and power to use it for different purposes.
Obviously no body is arguing here that outsdiers in nay society can be more
concerned about how that society should progress, move forward and engage
in discourse on nay subject. But, I will also not argue that my stake in my
society stem merely because I am born here. There are any number of Indians
who are unfair, unjust and unethical as far as knowledge prodcution and
reprodcution is concrend. It took me long time ( 15 years) to discover in
1986 that much of my work was published in English langauge which most
peopel whose knowledeg I wrote about did not understand aND THUS coudl not
That is how metaphor of Hoeny bee was discovered and network on local
langauge comunication of local innovations was started in 1988-89. (

I think rescuing, restoring, rehabilitation and reconstruction are al
required. Who does it how and when and for how long and with whom in mind
will determine who benefits from it.

I think it was agood discussion, notwithstanding teh anger and impatience
shown by a few


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