The Dharma of bodhi karma

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Sat Dec 6 04:27:15 UTC 1997

List members,

Please accept the lateness of this post and my apologies for
breaching netiquette with a misquoting of a helpful scholar (Dr. Roesler)
among several who kindly responded to my bodhi dilemma.  It was an
unintentional error prompted by the laziness of late hours and my
recurring carpal tunnel syndrom.  Belated thanks to other scholars are
appended below as well.

This should have gone out much earlier:

As a final note on RV 5.4.9, Ulrike Roesler has noted that Geldner et al
are viable readings for bodhi viz. -bhuu.  I had mistakenly represented
her kind response to my question as  suggesting that the "wache" reading
was the only one.  In point of fact she notes that either -bhuu or -budh
readings will work in the passage.

Additional thanks to George Thompson, Lars Martin Fosse for his follow-up,
Ulrike Roesler, Georg von Simson, and Horst Lasic.

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