Source Request & bodhi Thanks/summary

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EASTEUR-ORIENT.UIO.NO
Wed Dec 3 18:27:13 UTC 1997

>>While the consensus appears to be for the meaning of bhuu viz. bodhi as a
>>form both budh and bhuu share, there is no agreement as to a solid
>>grammatical derivation supporting how this might have come to be.  It
>>might be that a resolution favoring one root over another could be
>>indicated in accent (bodhi remains unaccented each occasion--to which I
>>now add RV 4.16.17), but I've not gotten that far without my books here at
>>this office (if anyone knows if accent might differ, I welcome the news).
>If it is from the root budh, shouldn't we expect boddhi < budh + dhi. It
>still seems to me that bhuu is a better bet. But I am sitting at home, and I
>don't have access to the better books in the Indological library. I
>therefore have to rely on my faltering memory.
>Best regards,
>Lars Martin

bodhi as imperative (aor.) is an irregular formation both from budh- and
from bhU-, only explainable by one or the other analogy; cf. T. Goto, Die
<I. Praesensklasse> im Vedischen, Wien 1987, p. 218 (with further lit.).


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