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Fri Aug 29 18:04:34 UTC 1997

>Dear Members:
>In order to explicate that existence (sattva) is asAdhAraNAnaikAntika
>hetu, VAcaspatimizra gives 'gandhavattva' as an example in his
>TAtparyaTIkA (NyAyadarzanam, ed. T. Nyaya-Tarkatirtha,1985: 841.9). In
>their refutations of this view of VAcaspatimizra, both JjAnasrImitra and
>RatnakIrti quote this example (JN 2ed. A. Thakur, 1987: 50.13 and RN 2ed.
>A. Thakur, 1975: 80.8).
>It seems that the 'gandhavattva' is well-known example to both sides of
>debaters. So far, however, I have not succeeded in identifying the source
>of the example.
>I would appreciate it in advance if somebody helps me with this.
>Jeson Woo
>A Visiting Scholar
>Dept. of Indian Philosophy
>Hiroshima University

Dear Jeson:

I recall having searched in vain for a source for the example
'gandhavattvavat', which occurs first in VAcaspati's NyAyakaNikA (Pandit
edition 137.2; my dissertation, 529.4). If some other member can identify a
source, I too will be grateful.

Please also note that, when JjAnazrImitra quotes this example, it is within
a long quote from NyAyakaNikA that Thakur did not identify (JN 2nd
ed.49.18-50.19, quoting NyAyakaNikA Pandit ed. 136.4-137.8 = my
dissertation 527.526.7-530.5). RatnakIrti also seemed to be following
NyAyakaNikA more than NyAyavArttikatAtparyaTIkA, but I recall that
influence from the parallel passage in NyAyavArttikatAtparyaTIkA cannot be
ruled out, as RatnakIrti weaves together quotation and paraphrase.

Elliot Stern

Elliot M. Stern
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