Transliterating Samavedic accents.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at
Fri Aug 22 11:33:14 UTC 1997


Could anyone please tell me whether there is an accepted method of
translitering the Samavedic accents "2ra", "3ka", and "2u"? As some of you
may be aware, I completed a electronic version of the Samaveda Kauthuma
Samhita sometime ago, and am now putting the finishing touches on the
accented text. The original version of my work was typeset using the
Velthuis dvng font in the ITRANS transliteration scheme. As I had not
completed the work of adding accents to the text, I made the original
version available in Postscript format at:

I've since had to change directions and switch over to the Wikner package
as it is has the only font which currently supports accents.

I was contacted by Jost Gippert who expressed interest in adding the
Kauthuma Samhita to the TITUS Project, but has asked that the text be
submitted in LaTeX format; diacritics coded using the standard LaTeX
macros system. I am able to code the udatta, anudatta, and svarita
accents, but do not know the convention for the other three accents found
in the samhita. Here is where progress on my project comes to a halt.

Anyhow, I should wish to make the final completed edition of the Kauthuma
Samhita accessible to those interested by placing it in the
INDOLOGY archive as well. Dominik?

Thanks in advance.

Anshuman Pandey

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