A question about Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

dmitry at quant.stu.neva.ru dmitry at quant.stu.neva.ru
Sat Aug 16 00:46:39 UTC 1997

              Dear members of the list,

      a friend of mine is interested in the philosophical system of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. He
is a post-graduate student and studies the EVOLUTION of philosophical concepts of the
system. However, nearly all sources on the subject (which are available here, 
in St.Petersburg) expose the ideas of Sri Aurobindo in synchronical order,
not diachronical. So, he encounters quite serious problems in this connection. 
      Could you please mention any sources (titles & names of authors) which deal with
the subject?

      Many thanks in advance,

            Sincerely Yours, 
                                       Tattvarthi,    dmitry at quant.stu.neva.ru
                                       Institute for Oriental Studies, St.Petersburg

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