A question about Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

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> . . . nearly all sources on
> the subject (which are available here, in St.Petersburg) expose the
> ideas of Sri Aurobindo in synchronical order, not diachronical. So,
> he encounters quite serious problems in this connection. 
>       Could you please mention any sources (titles & names of
> authors) which deal with the subject?

I'm not certain to what extent this interesting quest will meet with 
success -- in the sense that a hypothesis of evolution in Aurobindo's 
ideas may or may not find data to support it.  Certainly he himself 
alludes, I believe, to a progression in his experience -- but it may 
well be that the progression was a progression of discovery of a (so 
to say) unitive world of principles . . .

in any case, although I have not studied the work in depth, names to 
mention as far as secondary sources regarding Aurobindo's work would 
certainly include the prolific Frenchman by the name of Sat Prem 
(although he was possibly more an expounder of the work of the Mother 
than of Aurobindo -- his multi-volume Mother's Agenda is in print in 
both Frensh and English, I think).  I am also aware that an Indian 
philosopher by the name of Madhasudan Reddy has written somewhat 
extensively regarding Aurobindo's work.  I think his books are 
available in India.  It's possible that something from Mr. Reddy may 
prove of relevance.

I do recall that Aurobindo referred to his successive revisions (over 
a period of many years) of his poetic magnum opus, *Savitri*, as 
being correlated with a some manner of progression in consciousness.  
If I were your student, I would certainly look into Aurobindo's own 
writings ABOUT the process of writing Savitri, for some clues . . .

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