Faith in Hinduism

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at
Thu Aug 14 17:40:52 UTC 1997

Op 14-aug-97 schreef John.Powers at

>A student of mine is doing a research project on the role (fi any) of faith
>in Hinduism, both (or either) classical and contemporary. I really can't
>think of any sources that discuss this topic, but if anyone else can, I'd
>greatly appreciate it if you could share them. I'll pass them on to my

>John Powers
>Faculty of Asian Studies
>Australian National University

Maybe 'A Philosophy of Devotion' from John C. Plott - Motilal Banarsidas,
Delhi 1974
and for the erotic aspects: 'The place of the hidden moon, from Edward C.
Dimock jr. - Chicago U.P.1966

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