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Mon Aug 11 15:17:09 UTC 1997

About a week ago I circulated an appeal on behalf of Acta Orientalia that
this journal is at risk of ceasing publication. This original message will
be repeated at the end for those who may not have seen it or have lost it.

In the meanwhile I have received several responses, and in some of them I
have been encouraged to list the contents of some recent issues to
illustrate the relevance of this journal to potential subscribers. It was
also pointed out that I forgot to mention (in most of my messages) that
this is a refereed journal that has always retained a very high quality of
scholarship. A third point occasioned by the replys: please note that there
exists also another journal with exactly the same name (at least as far as
the main title is concerned), namely ACTA ORIENTALIA Academiae Scientiarum
Hungaricae, published from Budapest and now in its 48th vol. (1995). The
ACTA ORIENTALIA now in danger is published from Copenhagen, its ISSN is
0001-6438 and the latest issue is vol. 57 (1996). It has the following
contents (diacritical marks ignored):

Acta Orientalia 57 (1996)
Frede Lokkegaard: Rough treatment without an instrument (pp. 7-12)
Raju Kalidos: Nataraja as portrayed in the Tevaram hymns (pp. 13-56)
Claus Oetke: "Nihilist" and "non-nihilist" interpretations of Madhyamaka
(pp. 57-104)
Peter Schalk: A. J. Wilson on Tantai celva (pp. 105-115)
Roy Andrew Miller: Language, linguistics and Japanology (pp. 116-140)
Poul Andersen: Taoist talismans and the history of the Tianxin tradition
(pp. 141-152)
Book reviews (pp. 153-294)

Earlier issues:

Acta Orientalia 56 (1995)
Editorial (p. 7)
Soren Egerod (1923-1995), by Poul Mohr (pp. 9-15)
E. R. Sreekrishna Sarma (1922-1994), by Asko Parpola (pp. 16-24)
Nils Simonsson (1920-1994), by Gunilla Gren-Eklund (pp. 25-27)
Carl Suneson (1941-1995), by W. L. Smith (pp. 28-30)
Philippe Provencal: Note on the zoological identification of the birds
named Bulbul, 'Andalib and Hazar in Arabic and their translation /
zoological identification in some dictionaries (pp. 31-38)
Francois de Blois: The 'Sabians' (Sabi'un) in pre-Islamic Arabia (pp. 39-61)
Andrey Korotayev: Middle Sabaean cultural-political area: Qayls and their
tribesmen, clients and maqtawIs (pp. 62-77)
Mohamed Meouak: Representations, emblemes et signes de la souverainete
politique des Umayyades d'al-Andalus d'apres les textes arabes (pp. 78-105)
Thomas Oberlies: Arjunas Himmelreise und die Tirthayatra der Pandavas (pp.
W. L. Smith: Changing bodies: The mechanics of the metamorphic curse (pp.
Annette L. Heitmann: Erörterungen zum Begriff "Gnosis" (jnana) (pp. 144-161)
Siegbert Hummel: Neues Material zur Sprache von Zhang-Zhung (pp. 162-168)
Albrecht Wezler: German research in Nepal (pp. 169-172)
Poul Andersen: Cults and liturgical frameworks: Religious revival in
southern Fujian (pp. 173-183)
Jaakko Hameen-Anttila: Oral vs. written: Some notes on the Arabian Nights
(pp. 184-192)
Book reviews (pp. 193-345)

Acta Orientalia 55 (1994)
Abdelmadjid Allaoua: La question du sujet nul et la fonction sujet en
berbere (pp. 7-22)
Daniel E. Gershenson: Understanding Puskansa (pp. 23-36)
Hamid Dadkhah: A Judeo-Persian medical manuscript (pp. 37-41)
Andrey Korotayev: Legal system of the Middle Sabaean cultural-political
area (pp. 42-54)
Wael B. Hallaq: Murder in Cordoba: Ijtihad, Ifta' and the evolution of
substantive law in medieval Islam (pp. 55-83)
Jaakko Hameen-Anttila: On the personal library of 'Abdal-qadir al-Baghdadi
(pp. 84-101)
Georg Buddruss: Epilegomena zu einem Baloci-Glossar (pp. 102-105)
A. K. Singh: An inscribed bronze Padmapani from Kinnaur (pp. 106-111)
Jens Braarvig: The practice of the Bodhisattvas: Negative dialectics and
provocative arguments (pp. 112-160)
Siegbert Hummel: Die Lieder der unglucklichen Konigin Sad-mar-kar (pp. 161-173)
Tor Ulving: A new reconstruction of the Old Chinese sound system (pp. 174-186)
Book reviews (p. 187ff.)

Acta Orientalia 54 (1993)
Manfred Schretter: Sumerische Phonologie: Zu Konsonantenverbindungen und
Silbenstruktur (pp. 7-30)
Abdelmadjid Allaoua: Les verbes de qualite et quelques remarques sur les
pronoms personnels en berbere (pp. 31-45)
Jaakko Hameen-Anttila: The lost ragaz of Abu'n-Nagm on the defeat of Yazid
ibn al-Muhallab by Maslama ibn 'Abdalmalik (pp. 46-52)
Herbert Eisenstein: Zu dre nordeuropaischen Tieren aus Ibn Sa'id's
Geographie (pp. 53-61)
David A Nelson: OIA kumbakurira - "horned headdress" (pp. 62-67)
Raju Kalidos: The twain-face of Ardhanari (pp. 68-106)
Per Kvaerne: A bibliography of the works of Siegbert Hummel: Supplement
(pp. 107-112)
Per Kvaerne & Elliot Sperling: Preliminary study of an inscription from
Rgyal-rong (pp. 113-125)
Vibeke Bordahl: "Wu Song fights the tiger" in Yangzhou storytelling (pp.
Lone Takeuchi: Long-term developments in the Japanese aspect-tense system:
A case of linguistic drift? (pp. 150-174)
Book reviews (p. 175ff.)

Acta Orientalia 53 (1992)
John Strange: The Arabian Gulf in antiquity (pp. 7-20)
Jaakko Hameen-Anttila: An early Arabic loan from Persian (pp. 21-27)
Karl Hadank: Zur Einteilung westiranischer Sprachen (pp. 28-75)
Rodolphe Kasser: Le Premier Homme (celui du commencement): Troisieme chant
de Thom le Manicheen (pp. 76-85)
Erik Reenberg Sand: The Bhimamahatmya: A hitherto unpublished source for
the study of Pandharpur (pp. 86-105)
Jens Ostergard Petersen: On the expressions commonly held to refer to Sun
Wu, the putative author of the Sunzi Bingfa (pp. 106-121)
Jens Ostergard Petersen: The Taiping jing and the AD 102 clepsydra reform
(pp. 122-158)
Torbjorn Loden: A review article of Knud Lundbaek: T. S. Bayer (1694-1738),
pioneer Sinologist (pp. 159-168)
Book reviews (p. 169ff.)

Acta Orientalia 52 (1991)
Bo Dahl Hermansen: Ancient Egypt in Barry Kemp's perspective (pp. 7-34)
Joyce Akesson: The strong verb and infinitive noun in Arabic (pp. 35-48)
Wael B. Hallaq: Ibn Taymiyya on the existence of God (pp. 49-69)
Harry Falk: Zur Geschichte von Lumbini (pp. 70-90)
James A. Matisoff: Jiburish revisited: Tonal splits and heterogenesis in
Burmo-Naxi-Lolo checked syllables (pp. 91-114)
Halvor Eifring: Chinese conditionals of comparison (pp. 115-134)
Vibeke Bordahl: 'Square mouth' and 'round mouth' in Yangzhou storytelling
(pp. 135-147)
Roy A. Miller: Japanese and Austronesian: A review article of Paul K.
Benedikt: Japanese Austro-Tai (pp. 148-168)
Book reviews (pp. 169ff.)

I apologize for not giving the final page numbers of the book reviews - I
have only copies of the tables of contents at hand now.

Here follows my original appeal:

ACTA ORIENTALIA, a journal founded in 1922 and published annually under the
auspices of the Oriental Societies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden,
is devoted to the study of the languages, history, archaeology and
religions of the Orient from the earliest times to our days. It is issued
once a year, and each issue normally contains at least 300 pages. This
well-known refereed journal is now on the verge of ceasing publication. The
Nordic Publications Board for Humanistic Periodicals funding the journal
stipulated that a conditio sine qua non is that the journal has a minimum
of 200 subscribers. Due to tightening budgets the world over, the number of
subscriptions has been steadily dropping and is now very close to that
limit. If your library is not already subscribing to Acta Orientalia,
please make a suggestion to that effect. The annual subscription rate is
420 Danish crowns (DKK) (around 70 USD), and the subscription order can be
placed at MUNKSGAARD International Publishers Ltd, POB 2148, DK-1016
Copenhagen K, Denmark (tel. +45 33 12 70 30, fax +45 33 12 93 87) or at
their regional office in the US: MUNKSGAARD, 238 Main Street, Cambridge, MA
02142-9740 (tel +1-617-547-7665, fax +1-617-547-7489).  Every subscription
counts!!! Thanks in advance for your efforts to help AO survive. Yours,
Asko Parpola
Professor of South Asian Studies
University of Helsinki

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