Puranic Myths in Maun_i short story

Andreas Schuettler Andreas.Schuettler at Uni-Koeln.DE
Sat Aug 2 12:28:09 UTC 1997

 I need to identify a most probably puranic myths occuring in a Tamil
 short story of Maun_i entitled "Caavil piRanta ciruSTi (Creature Born
 in Death)". It narrates that Brahma is tired of creating wants to go
 for sleep and requests Vishnu to have a break in maintaining the world. 
 Vishnu agrees but when the same request comes to Shiva he refuses. 
 After quarrelling with Shiva Brahma goes to sleep leaving the world to
 its fate. When he wakes up from sleep and starts again creating he
 finds Shiva has not only destroyed all his former creations but also
 those he is going to create in future. 
 Can anybody help me out with the detailed bibliographical data for this
 myth.  I checked the table of contents of PuraaNa-translations but
 could'nt find out about this myths.  Any information or hint is highly
 Andreas Schuettler
 Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies
 University Cologne
 email: ami11 at rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de

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