question regarding Vimaana "flying machines"

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Wed Apr 30 13:07:24 UTC 1997

You may also look up the following:
	Vaimaanika-prakara.nam, part of Yantrasarvasva ascribed to sage
Bharadvaaja, (English title: Maharshi Bharadwaaja's Vymaanika-shaastra or
Science of Aeronautics, as revealed to venerable Pandit Subbaraya Sastry,
translated into English by G.R. Josyer) printed at the Coronation Press,
Mysore).  No date of publication on my copy, but it appears to have been
published shortly after 1973, the date of the Foreword.  The work of
Bharadvaaja was evidently received by Subbaraya Sastry through occult
perception.  The intro says:  "On 1-8-1918, he began to dictate Vymanika
Sastra to Mr. Venkatachala Sarma, who took down the whole in 23 exercise
books up to 23-8-1923."  Bharadvaaja's work is presented in the form of
Suutras, with a commentary by some Bodhaanandamuni, and there are
citations from all kinds of interesting works, which, I presume, are not
otherwise available to us.
				Madhav Deshpande

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, JAYABARATHI wrote:

> Frank Van Den Bossche wrote:
> > 
> > Dear members of the Indology list,
> > Does anyone know if the SamaraangaNa-suutra-dhaara of King Bhojadeva (ed. by
> > T. GaNapati Saastrii, GOS 25, 32) has been translated already? Where can I
> > find information on 'vimaanas' (a kind a flying etc. machines)?
> > Thanks in advance.
> > 
> > Frank Van Den Bossche
> > Ghent University
> 	Dear Mr. Frank,
> 			The following books might be useful to you
> 	regarding your pursuit into  the  "VAIMAANIKA SAASTRA".
> 			1. Vimaana in Ancient India.
> 			             by
>                   	    Dilip Kumaar Kanjilaal
>                                   Published
> 				     by
> 			      S.P.Bhattacharjee,		
>                 	      Sanskrit Pustaka Bandar,
> 			      38,Bidhan Sarani,
> 			      Calcutta-700 006.			
> 				 1985
> 			  W.Raymond Drake
> 			  Signet 
> 			  1973
> 			 The New American LIbrary Inc.
> 			 1301 Avenue of the Americas,
> 			 New York
> 			 New York 10019.
> 	There are also some other books , especially by Eric von
> 	Daniken. But he makes passing mention about them.
> 		There are many referances. But work into this field has 
> 	not been in depth.
> 		 Some Pauraanic details even reveal the application
> 	Lorentz's Equation.
> 		 Wish you luck.
> 	The "Samaraangana Suutra Dhaara" has been published in
> 	"Gaekwad's Oriental Studies" 1924, Baroda.
> 	Sungai Petani.
> 	Kedah
> 	Malaysia.

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