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<< I am sure there are earlier descriptions in Tamil, may be in
 Ciivaka CintaamaNi, etc.,
In Puram 27, it is said that those kings/chieftains praised by poets will
attain the ' pilot-less sky vehicle' by the words "pulavar pATum pukazuTaiyOr
vicumpin valavan EvA vAnavUrti eytuba".

In CilappatikAram 23.197-200, the king of gods and other gods arrive in a
'sky vehicle' with resurrected kOvalan and pick up kaNNaki.

"amarark karacan tamar vantEttak
kOnakar pizaitta kOvalan RannoTu
vAnavUrti yERinaN mAtO
kAnamar purikuzaR kaNNaki tAnen"


S. Palaniappan

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