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Mon Apr 28 19:55:03 UTC 1997


I am reading Kamban's Ramayanam (11th century?). This is in relation
to editing of a late 16th century Ramayanam, set to taaLam.
This is an exact retelling of Kamban and a condensation in a different
metre. Thakkai R.'s first 5 kANDams have been printed by
Dept. of Archaeolgy, Madras, 1983. I am working on
YuddhakaaNDam, about 5000 viruttams in Kamban, reduced to about
1650 taravu koccakak kalippA in thakkai r.

After the War, Raman & co., including all vanaras, climb
aboard a vimanam. On the way back, Raman explains many events
and the places of occurence to Siithai. The pushpaka vimanam
is huge and there are beautiful descriptions in Kamban.

I am sure there are earlier descriptions in Tamil, may be in
Ciivaka CintaamaNi, etc.,

Does Valmiki describe vimaanams and air travel?

Wondering from Johnson Space Center,
N. Ganesan
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