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Wed Apr 23 23:20:11 UTC 1997

> Penn-in-India
> South Asia Regional Studies
> University of Pennsylvania
> Philadelphia, PA  19104-6305 
> Greetings from Philadelphia!
> If you have spent time at Penn and also in Pune as part of your studies 
> or research, we would like to hear from you!
> Penn-in-India, the summer-abroad program of the University of 
> Pennsylvania that 
> is based in Pune, will be offering special courses and other activities 
> in honor of the golden jubilee celebration of IndiaMs independence. In 
> conjunction with this,  Penn-in-India is bringing out a special 
> publication, the theme of which will be the long, rich, and fruitful 
> connection that exists between Penn and Pune.   In this publication we 
> will be listing the past and present faculty and students of the 
> University of Pennsylvania who have had connections with Pune as part of 
> their scholarly work.
> If you are or have been part of the Penn-Pune connection, we are asking 
> you to send us a brief write-up about yourself.  Please include such 
> things as your present academic affiliation, the dates and nature of your 
> association with Penn, the dates and nature of your affiliation with 
> Pune, your field of research or study both here and there, persons you 
> have worked with, and any details of special interest that you think 
> others would enjoy hearing.   A courtesy copy of the publication will be 
> sent to all contributors.  
> If you can send your write-up by Monday, April 28th, we would be 
> grateful.  Please send it by Friday, May 2nd at the latest, as our 
> printer date is coming up soon!  You can send it by email to: 
> cbond at, or by FAX to (215) 573-2138, or by conventional mail 
> to:  Carolyn Bond
> South Asia Regional Studies
> 820 Williams Hall
> 36th and Spruce Streets
> Philadelphia, PA  19104-6305
> We are looking forward to hearing from you! 
> With many thanks,
> Surendra Gambhir
> Carolyn Bond

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