India's role in the history of linguistics

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Wed Apr 23 11:18:47 UTC 1997

>Dear Colleagues,
>I am looking for general materials related to India's contribution to the
>study of language. So far I have found one book carrying the above-mentioned
>title, namely "The Word and the World : India's contribution to ..." by the
>late Prof. B. K. Matilal. Is this  book accessible on the net in any
>readable form(abstract, or summary, etc., etc.)? I would be extremely
>grateful for any other valuable links to relevant websites.
>Thank you in advance
>Best regards
>Marcin Lewandowski
>Institute of Linguistics
>Adam Mickiewicz University
>Poznan, Poland

It occurred to me that, besides the enormous literature on Indian
linguistics, you might find it useful to see what is said about "India's
contribution to..." in a general history of linguistics.  There is an
accessible one written by R. H. Robins, called "A Short History of
Linguistics" [2nd edit, 1979].  Chapter Six "The Eve of Modern Times",
opens with an extensive discussion of the European discovery of Skt., from
Sir Wm. Jones on....

Best wishes,
George Thompson

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