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Tue Apr 22 16:32:59 UTC 1997

On another list, I noticed this posting:

>I would very much appreciate your advice on how the word 
>Brahma is to be pronounced.  Is it pronounced as Bramma 
>(with no h sound), Bramha (with the h coming after the m), 
>or is it pronounced as Brahma (with the m coming after the h)?  
>The way it is written in Sanskrit and in English is with the m 
>coming after the h.  However, in many vedic chanting recordings 
>and in recordings of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam, I notice that people 
>are pronouncing the word with the h coming after the m, or as 

With the recent discussion among our Sanskrit scholars concerning what
constitutes "correct" Sanskrit, etc, I thought it might be interesting to
hear what pronunciation(s) you all feel would be permissible. Here in
Sweden, I often hear the -h- pronounced more or less like a German Ach-Laut,
which to my ears at least is an abomination (not in itself! -- only in
Sanskrit words). But I suspect some would frown at my own pronunciation as
well‚ as it tends towards the "bramha" variety so often heard among panditas.

Any comments?

Martin Gansten
mgansten at

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