Impact of English language on Hindi

Wed Apr 23 00:32:47 UTC 1997

I've come across one reference to the influence of English on Hindi in
Bernard Comrie's 'The World's Major Languages' (published by Oxford
Univeristy Press in 1990), where Yamuna Kachru has an article on Hindi. 
She says that usually relative clauses in Hindi are not constituents of
the main clause (e.g. jo ladka vahaa betha he vah mera bhai he), but
'under the influence of Persian and later, English, the relative clause is
sometimes positioned following the head noun' (e.g. vah ladka jo vahaa betha
he mera bhai he) (p. 488). She might be the one to contact for further 
information -- I think she's at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Gail Coelho

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> >Dear Members of the list,
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> >A student is looking for literature on the influence of English on modern
> >Hindi, especially on gender attribution to English loan words in Hindi and
> >on borrowing of verbs from English. Here, in our library, we could only
> >find works like "Indianization of English". Any help will be appreciated.
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