Address of Saiva Siddhanta Kalagam

Thu Apr 17 10:15:46 UTC 1997

Das Devaraj wrote:
> Anybody know the contact information for "Saiva Siddhanta Kalagam"?
> Believe they have a branch in Chennai (Madras).  Also, looking for
> a list of their publications.
> das
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Address for Saiva Siddhanta Kalzhagam:-
                 The Saiva Siddhantha Works,
                 Publishing Society Tinnevelly Ltd,
                 154, T. T. K. Road,
                 MADRAS -18.

 The Managing Director, Mr.MUTHU KUMARA SAMY

 Mr.Das Devaraj,
               Please feel free to refer my name in case you write to Mr 
Muthu Kumara Samy.
               The Kallzagam ,to date has published more than 1500 books.
It also has a long history. I doubt very much whether they have a list of 
all their publications.
               There is a very rare book called" kanakkadhikAram".It was 
published in the twenties. But , when enquired about the book , the 
Kalzhagam did not know about the very existance of the book.
               Pssst.... (I have a copy.)< smug grin>  


Sungai Petani,

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