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At 12:20 16.4.1997 +0100, Sarin wrote:
>>I read once that while Sikh males always have typical Sikh names, that is
>>not always so with women, since "Hindu" (VERY big scare-quotes!!) girls'
>>names are perceived as more "feminine". Is anyone of you able to
>>confirm/refute this? It's interesting because many European languages also
>>seem to be more open to foreign female names than to foreign male names.
>  I've noticed that many Sikh names are almost entirely interchangeable
>between men and women, the only difference being the Singh or Kaur after

That's correct, and the probable reason for the (re)introduction of more
markedly feminine names.

>the name.  Interestingly, Inder is a pervasive suffix: Mahinder, Rajinder,
>Bhupinder, etc.  A reference to the martial qualities of Indra, the god of
>storms, I suppose.  If that is the case, then Punjab is the only place
>where this Vedic deity is so regularly refered to in everyday life today!

The word "indra" was also used as a common noun 'hero, warrior', even among
Buddhists who knew the god under the name $akra. I for my part knew a
Javanese named Ali Birendra!


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