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Wed Apr 16 11:14:07 UTC 1997

>I read once that while Sikh males always have typical Sikh names, that is
>not always so with women, since "Hindu" (VERY big scare-quotes!!) girls'
>names are perceived as more "feminine". Is anyone of you able to
>confirm/refute this? It's interesting because many European languages also
>seem to be more open to foreign female names than to foreign male names.
  I've noticed that many Sikh names are almost entirely interchangeable
between men and women, the only difference being the Singh or Kaur after
the name.  Interestingly, Inder is a pervasive suffix: Mahinder, Rajinder,
Bhupinder, etc.  A reference to the martial qualities of Indra, the god of
storms, I suppose.  If that is the case, then Punjab is the only place
where this Vedic deity is so regularly refered to in everyday life today!

Amita Sarin

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