Universally applicable diacriticals

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Tue Apr 15 14:55:50 UTC 1997

At 10:30 15.4.1997 +0100, John Smith wrote:

>high-quality lookalikes for Times, Palatino, and many other fonts are now
>available as free software (as part of the Ghostscript package), it should
>soon be posible to create and distribute legal, free fonts with any
>desired set of accented characters.

This is great good news indeed. Where can those be found? My customers
always want diacriticized versions of Times, and I've had to pesuade them
into using another font or strech my conscience...


PS for J. Kingston Cowart: I have been away a lot the last week and an
horrendous backmail has amassed. I will get back to you privately ASAP!

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