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Mon Apr 14 21:54:20 UTC 1997

According to the Dictionary of American Regional English (of which I have
the honor to be an editor),
Dutch (from Deutsch, as in Pennsylvania Dutch, i.e. Pennsylvania German)
used with ref to incomprehensible speech, is attested in American
English as far back as 1899, and double-Dutch, 1942. Allen Thrasher's
"children's code speech" is actually a "jargon" made by systematically
deforming words in the manner of pig Latin or goose Latin. One of our
informants from Minnesota gave an ex of such deformation "in which 'eese'
was put before the vowel in each syllable of a word, e.g. peese-a-peese-per
for 'paper,' beese-ook for 'book." I hope this sheds some light on the

Leonard Zwilling

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