languages (question) (was Re: pronunciation of Sanskrit)

jacob.baltuch at jacob.baltuch at
Sun Apr 13 17:52:57 UTC 1997

In response to a question of mine S. Palaniappan wrote:

>The attitude of the Indian Government as experienced by Prof. Harman and the
>farcical following of three-language formula by Hindi-speaking states is

Please excuse my ignorance but what is that three-language formula?

>(They are supposed to study a non-Hindi language, but it is simply not done.)

You mean a non-Hindi language to add as language of the Union?

>Tamilnadu and, if I am not mistaken, West Bengal openly adopted the two-
>language formula.

Are you talking of a federal two-language formula (in which case how can
Tamilnadu and West Bengal do it on their own since this by definition
would involve the whole country?), but if you mean at the state level,
I thought (has that changed?) Tamil Nadu and West Bengal had one official
language each?

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