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 jbb> Subject: Sanskrit on video

 jbb> I think  G. V. Iyer made at least two Sanskrit movies, with
 jbb> one of them said to have won some kind of award in 1992.

 jbb> I wouldn't mind hearing anything you might know about those
 jbb> movies or G. V. Iyer, primarily where one can get the tapes
 jbb> of the Sanskrit versions, how good those movies Sanskrit
 jbb> is,
 jbb> how one could get a hold of the scripts (maybe someone here
 jbb> knows the director), how good the movies are as movies,
 jbb> etc.

I happen to know G.V. Iyer personally. He reads Sanskrit and is obviously very
fond of classical Sanskritic India, but he did not trust his own Sanskrit
enough to write the Sanskrit portions of his scripts himself, so he had this
done by his friend Bannanje Govindacharya in Udupi, who previously edited the
collected writings of Madhvaacaarya and is a Sanskrit author in his own right.
Govindacharya wrote the Sanskrit text for both the Shankaracharya and the
Bhagavadgita movies which Iyer made, and he wrote the whole script for Iyer's
film on Madhva. (And that Sanskrit is very real.) I do not know whether the
scripts have been published.

- Robert Zydenbos

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