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Shikaripura Harihareswara HOYSALA at
Sun Apr 13 01:43:05 UTC 1997

At 08:39 PM 4/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I think  G. V. Iyer made at least two Sanskrit movies, with
>one of them said to have won some kind of award in 1992.
>I wouldn't mind hearing anything you might know about those
>movies or G. V. Iyer, primarily where one can get the tapes
>of the Sanskrit versions, how good those movies Sanskrit is,
>how one could get a hold of the scripts (maybe someone here
>knows the director), how good the movies are as movies, etc.
I have a copy of the video on 'Acharya Sri Shankara' in Sanskrit
with English sub-titles, Produced/Directed by Sri G.V. Iyer.
The title is: "Adi Shankaracharya".It is in color.
I think you may get a copy & other details of the movie by contacting:
        National Film Development Corporation,
        D-6 Srisagar Estate,
        Worli, Bombay 400 019

Good Luck!


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