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Wed Apr 9 16:06:04 UTC 1997

Tue,  8 Apr 1997 "Dominique.Thillaud" wrote...
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>	And a second request: if there is ivy in Bharat, where ? (Arrien in
>his Anabasis (record of Alexander's expedition) said it was a mountain
>plant from the Meros (obviously the Meru), it's true ?
>	Regards,
Mount Meros of the historians of Alexander's campaigns was situated in 
eastern Afghanistan and I think ivy is really growing there, though do 
not know any name for it. The name Meros is probably related to Meru, 
but its might still be of local origin and therefore not necessarily be 
directly connected with the mythological and cosmographical ideas 
connected to Meru. If I remember right, Tucci has discussed this 
question, too, in his long article in East and West 27, 1977.

Klaus Karttunen

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