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jonathan.silk at wmich.edu jonathan.silk at wmich.edu
Wed Apr 9 15:48:12 UTC 1997

Actually, the mention of Meru is fortuitous; I was going to ask a question
about this.  Recently a student asked me about the origin of the name Sumeru. 
I suspect that perhaps it is Su-Meru, and that what we have to look for is
Meru.  But I don't have the resources here to look into it.  Is this
etymologically Skt?  Somehow - although my sense for this is not very good -
it doesn't "feel" like Skt to me, although this is of course without value
historically.  Any idea about the origins of the names (Su)Meru?
Jonathan Silk
silk at wmich.edu

PS:  The student thought the name was Japanese, so partly I *could* answer
his question!

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