Blind men and elephants

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> >Dear Indology netters,
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> >the following poem is based on an Indian text. On behalf of someone 
else, I
> >have a couple of questions.
> >
> >1) Which Indian text relates the story of the blind men and the 
> >
> The story appears in some Theravada Buddhist  texts: v.g. 
> Lokaprajnaptisutra ( ed. of Taisho Issaikyo, No.1, pp.128-129).

It is in the Theravada Canon at Udaana 67 

It is also in Shankara's Commentary on the Chandogya Upanishad at 
5.18.2, and in Naiskarmyasiddhi at 2.70. Ramakrishna quotes it on page 
125 of the Gospel of Ramakrishna, and the Persian Sufi Rumi quotes it at 
Mathnawi 3.1259. Take your pick!



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