A Brhatkatha Problem

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Mon Oct 28 10:47:39 UTC 1996

>Dear colleagues,
>Is there anyone out on the net, who has access to the complete edition of
>the B.rhatkath-a/slokasa.mgraha by F. Lacote? I am reading part of this
>text with some students right now, but I have only the editions by
>Agrawala and Poddar at my disposal. In verse 15.81ab they pose the
>following problem:
>ya.m yam eva smaran bh-ava.m tyajaty ante ka.devaram |
>ya.m yam eva smaran bh-ava.m tyajaty ante kalevaram |
>Because both editions claim to be based on Lacote, I would like to know,
>which reading Lacote adopts in his text for the last word? And if he does
>adopt ka.devaram, I would like to know, if he gives any comments on the
>meaning of this word in the footnotes (I know French, so you may just
>type down, what he writes). The word does not occur in any of
>the dictionaries I have checked so far, but it seems to have the advantage
>of the lectio difficilior...
>Any help in this matter would be most welcome.
>Andreas Bigger (indobib at indoger.unizh.ch or abigger at indoger.unizh.ch)

        Je ne dispose pas de la re'fe'rence que vous souhaitez, mais voici
les extraits du KEWA ou` Mayrhofer conside`re qu'il ne s'agit la` que de
variantes phone'tiques:

kadDepara-, kaDebara-, kaDevara-, s. kalevaraH.

kalevaraH m., -am n. Leib, Koerper / body, auch kaDebara-, buddh.
kaDevara-, kaDepara-, paali kaLebara-, kalebara, kalevara, praakrit kalera-
(vgl. Lueders, Wackernagel-Festschrift 296 = Phil. Ind. 549; Charpentier,
Ind. Ling. 2, 49ff.; Kuiper 68); vermutlich ein austroasiatisches Wort,
vgl. ka-Debara- : Dimba- 'Koerper' (Praefix ka-, aehnlich praakrit
kaa-limba- 'Koerper'): Kuiper, a.a.O.

        L'he'sitation entre 'l' et 'D' est tellement ordinaire que je ne
crois pas qu'il faille chercher plus loin. Vous remarquerez aussi qu'il
ignore comple`tement (et justement!) le rapprochement avec lat. cadaaver
indique' dans le MMW.

Dominique Thillaud - Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
email : thillaud at unice.fr

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