James McDermott mcdermot at
Thu Oct 24 17:26:00 UTC 1996

In the ERE, W. Crooke speaks of a Nikalsaini or Narangkaria sect 
which sprang up in the Punjab after the battle of Gujarat in 1849. He 
goes on to speak of the way in which this group attached itself to 
the name of John Nicholson, and concludes with a comment to the
effect that it "is doubtful whether there was actually a cult of Nichol- 
son" and an indication that "the sect does not appear in recent 
       Can anyone suggest a source of further information on this 
group and provide support of Crooke's suspicions or evidence for the 
(on-going) existence of the Nikalsaini?
       Thanks for your help.
                                                        Jim McDermott
                                                        Dept. of Religious Studies
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                                                        Buffalo, NY

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