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Mon Oct 21 14:30:37 UTC 1996

I cannot say *why* this is so, being nearly computer illiterate, but I had
absolutely no trouble downloading and reading Prof. Tokunaga's files on my
Mac, using NisusWriter (= SoloWriter in Japan) -- but I think MSWord should
also work equally well.  If you use a CSX font there is nothing to convert;
otherwise you have to run a few global replaces (e.g. to change it into
Norman font).

Let me just add my 2 cents worth; I cannot imagine that there is any
Sanskritist or Indologist in the world -- and certainly not on this list --
who does not have the highest appreciation for Prof. Tokunaga's tremendous
efforts to input the *entire* MBh and R, in the first place, (and for this,
as one says in Hebrew, dayenu -- this would have been enough), but to
exercise (now, as the Buddhists say) not only his prajnaa but his karu.naa in
making available to us all the fruits of his labors.  If Prof. Tokunaga feels
unappreciated by Dr. Smith, or even betrayed, there is nothing I can do about
this (I think only Dr. Smith can), but I think I can, for my part, assure him
that he is certainly *not* unappreciated by others -- many, many others.  (I
myself have already used his data for a forthcoming article, and duly cited it with

J Silk

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