Kenneth G. Zysk zysk at
Mon Oct 21 11:24:15 UTC 1996

I would like some clarification about "copyright" in the case of
electronic files.

In the USA, one cannot just say that a piece of written work is
"copyrighted". There is the process that must take place. If I recall, an
application must be made to the Library of Congress, accompanied by two
copies of the work. The copyright is then issued by the LC. I assume that
a similar procedure occurs in the UK via the British Library, and other
places as well. 

Two questions arise out of this:

1. Do electronic materials follow the same procedure for copyright?
2. Where would the copyright be issued? The country of the author or the
country of the publisher. In the former case, it would be Japan, in the
latter, the UK.

Ken Zysk

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