PC vs Mac Skt. files

reusch at uclink4.berkeley.edu reusch at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 20 17:52:48 UTC 1996

At 14:32 10/20/96, Julian Woods wrote:
> and after doing a bit of "search and
>replace" I converted the files into my preferred font.

I have done that, too, but it takes quite some time and patience.
I have seen that in some cases, such as the HOS Rg Veda, there are programs
for PC users to adjust their fonts. Those programs, needless to say, won't
work on a Mac. And in that particular case, since the RV has also accents
besides the basic diacritics, the time and patience requirement went really
up. (I needed to set up a specific sequence to do the replacements, etc.)
Is there any better way?
Best wishes,

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