Muneo Tokunaga g53772 at
Sat Oct 19 21:19:26 UTC 1996

Dear Indologits,

   I can end this argument on the MBh files with a very fair and objective judgment by Dr. Joel Tatelman. I thank him for it. 
I am sorry for poluting this academic network for several days.
But I don't think it was quite futile. 
Through this argument I think we have come a little bit closer to the consensusconcerning sharing digitalized files with each other.
I would like to continue contributing this society in a positive way.

                                   Muneo TOKUNAGA (徳永宗雄)
                                 Professor of Indian Philosophy 
                           Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
                             Kyoto, Japan (606-01). Tel. 075-753-2778
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