Nazi "Degenerate Art" all over again?

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Thu Oct 17 08:51:23 UTC 1996

Following up, with thanks, to Sudipto:

>This reminds me of the Nazi movement against the so-called "degenerate art"
>that featured works of artists like Kandinsky and other expressionists.
>What's going on in India? Can anything be done against this? It's Hussain
>today, it was Safdar Hashmi yesterday, who's next? The signs are tell-tale.

What happened to Safdar Hashmi? And can anyone cite the issue of India
Today what had an article about Hussain's mythologicals, sometime in the
last year or so, as I recall?

A macabre thought in response to your query about "who's next":  there's
been alot of talk in the 20th century, much of it glib, about Spirituality
in Modernist Art.  Now let's see (when the going gets tough), if any are
willing to follow through to martrydom.  Hopefully not.

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