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Hueckstedt hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Oct 17 01:16:33 UTC 1996

I hate to admit it, but I am at wits end with a passage in Hari Diksita's 
_B.rhacchabdaratna_. It is on _iko ya.n aci_, my old friend, but I can't 
figure out the following passage. It begins with a short objection. Then 
there's a short reply to that objection. Remember that the _BSR_ is a 
commentary on the _Prau.dhamanoramA_ of Bha.t.toji DIk.sita. I will be 
grateful for any hints or suggestions. I am using the BHU edition, 1964, 
edited by Sitaram Shastri. If you have that text handy, you'll find the 
passage beginning on the last line of p 84. Here's the text:

yattu hrasvekArAdInA.m tadvAcyatvena yugapad v.rttidvayavirodha iti| 
tanna| ga"ngAyA.m mInagho.sau sta ityAdau tada"ngIkArAt, hrasvAnA.m 
tadvAcyavAcyatvena lak.syatAvacchedakAkrAntatvAt| ata eva gha.tI 
bhavatItyAdAv Ittvam|

k.rtaj~natayA saha,
Bob Hueckstedt

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