Reconstructing South Indian History

Jan Filipsky filipsky at
Wed Oct 16 13:24:20 UTC 1996

Dear Netters,
my first request for contributions to the special thematic volume of the 
Indo-British Review - A Journal of History, published by the Indo-British 
Historical Society in Madras, with the working title "Reconstructing South 
Indian History" I am guest-editing, publicized here in March last evoked 
encouraging response from scholars interested in South Indian (Dravidian) 
studies and I was able to collect some interesting papers on Nolamba 
political history, on the early history and archaeology of the Deccan, on 
the Enigmatic History of Cults and Sects at Srisailam and on the Oral 
Historiography of the Tamils (my own). There is, however, still some space 
left waiting for your insightful inquiries into the political or social 
history of Southern India, Dravidian linguistics, literary history or 
history of religion. I would like your original research papers to 
concentrate on lesser known, even obscure aspects of SI history, which have 
something relevant to say about the topic at hand, viz. to contribute 
towards reconstructing the history (both early and modern) of 
Andhrapradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I would appreciate any 
contributions and suggestions. The papers not exceeding 20-25 pages should 
reach me as early as possible, but not later than by the end of November, 
preferably by e-mail, or by s-mail on a floppy disc in a PC compatible 
format (Word Perfect, MS Word and the like) together with a hard copy 
showing the necessary diacritics. (I am afraid we do not go in for Mac too 
much down here!) We have the appropriate fonts at our disposal enabling us 
to transliterate any Indian language and to use the Devanagari (both Hindi 
and Sanskrit) as well as the Tamil script.
Looking forward to your response, 
I remain, sincerely Yours, Jan Filipsky

Jan Filipsky, Oriental Institute, Pod vodarenskou vezi 4,
182 08 Praha 8
Phone: 00422/6605 3729
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